Credit Repair


(DIY) Do it yourself
Plan includes the following
  • Goodwill letter
  • 1st inquiry removal letter
  • 1st repo letter
  • 1st creditor letter
  • 1st bankruptcy letter
  • 1st bureau letter
  • Address removal letter
These are premium letters that you will just need to fill in the highlighted information. Do it yourself is set up easily for you. But for those without time check out our higher level Plans.


Basic Boost 1
Basic plan includes everything in the (DIY). We will send out the letters for you. We will give a monthly report via email.

Many people just don't have the time to repair their credit on their own. We are here to help. View our Higher level plans for faster boost of your Fico scores. (typically 8-12 months) 650-680 or higher.


Fico boost Plus
boost plus includes
  • 3rd party credit bureaus (DIY) letters
  • 1au tradeline
  • 1 primary tradeline
  • 4 to 6 months of basic boost credit repair.
That will put your Fico scores in great position for home purchase. (typically 3-8 months) 680-750 or higher.


Extreme Fico boost
Includes everything from the other plans plus extra primary and extra AU 3rd party credit bureaus plus FTC we will report fraud for quick removal (if needed) Credit repair done asap! (typically 2-5 months) 700-800 or higher.


3rd party credit bureaus
I will email you the list of 3rd party credit bureaus that you need to freeze. Freezing these credit bureaus are key to removal of negative items on your credit report. Take the time to do it right and purchase this package. This package is included in some of our other plans.
credit repair company

How to Pick the Best Credit Repair Company?

Are you trying to fix your bad credit history? Here at Boost My Fico Scores, we will help you rebuild your credit reputation.  We are a trusted credit repair company that produces actual results.

Our team of credit repair experts will dive into your messy records. We will file multiple disputes on your behalf, so you no longer have to worry about the lengthy process.

We also take pride in our identity theft protection and 100% guaranteed privacy. Our experts will be with you every step of the way.

We will communicate with you continuously for fast and seamless credit repair. As the best credit repair agency, we don’t keep you in the dark about what’s happening in your records.

Above all, we keep our rates competitive. For as low as $59.99 a month, you can start repairing your credit history.
best credit repair agency

Is it worth using a credit repair company?

Credit repair services like Boost My Fico Scores will save you from the hassle. Repairing credit history is a messy and complicated process. You’d want a professional backing you up to prevent further problems.

We start by identifying where your credit history went wrong. From there, we will file disputes to fix every possible bad record that’s dragging your credit score down.

If you can’t get a loan or have any family or friends to co-sign with you, a credit repair service is your best bet. We will improve your credit score so you will have higher chances of being approved on your applications.

As a reputable credit repair company, we guarantee that we will increase your credit score. We believe that no one should be financially defined by their previous lapses.