(DIY) Do it yourself
Plan includes the following
  • Goodwill letter
  • 1st inquiry removal letter
  • 1st repo letter
  • 1st creditor letter
  • 1st bankruptcy letter
  • 1st bureau letter
  • Address removal letter
These are premium letters that you will just need to fill in the highlighted information. Do it yourself is set up easily for you. But for those without time check out our higher level Plans.


Basic Boost 1
Basic plan includes everything in the (DIY). We will send out the letters for you. We will give a monthly report via email.

Many people just don't have the time to repair their credit on their own. We are here to help. View our Higher level plans for faster boost of your Fico scores. (typically 8-12 months) 650-680 or higher.


Fico boost Plus
boost plus includes
  • 3rd party credit bureaus (DIY) letters
  • 1au tradeline
  • 1 primary tradeline
  • 4 to 6 months of basic boost credit repair.
That will put your Fico scores in great position for home purchase. (typically 3-8 months) 680-750 or higher.


Extreme Fico boost
Includes everything from the other plans plus extra primary and extra AU 3rd party credit bureaus plus FTC we will report fraud for quick removal (if needed) Credit repair done asap! (typically 2-5 months) 700-800 or higher.


3rd party credit bureaus
I will email you the list of 3rd party credit bureaus that you need to freeze. Freezing these credit bureaus are key to removal of negative items on your credit report. Take the time to do it right and purchase this package. This package is included in some of our other plans.


Boost Your Credit scores with Primary & AU Tradelines. Primary Tradelines are lines of credit in your name. AU’s are authorized user tradelines you are piggybacking off someone else’s credit history for more click on tradelines to see what we have available.

credit restoration

Credit Restoration

Credit repair is key to being able to take your credit score to the next level. Anything negative on your credit report you need to get it off immediately. Collections, late payments, repo’s, bankruptcy and more. These negative items will always hold your credit scores down please let us fix them fast! view our graph and choose the best option for you.

70k Loan

We offer a construction loan of 70k to people who have trouble getting financing. 8.9% interest rate with 15-year loan term. Email us immediately to learn more about this loan. Loan is based on your Transunion credit score. 
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