How It Works
“Boost Your Credit scores with Primary & AU Trade-lines”
Primary Trade-lines are lines of credit in your name.

Navy Federal Credit Union 25K Authorized User
1 month (3month use)- $700

For one $5k Primary- $400

For two $5k Primary- $800

For three $5k Primary- $1200

Discover $6k Authorized user
2mos+ (3month use) -$200

Barclays $15k Authorized user
3yrs,5mos +age (3month use)- $600

Citicards CBNA $11.5k Authorized user
3years+ (3month use)- $450

Capital One Bank USA NA
$30K Authorized user
1yr 6mos+ (3month use)-$800

Jpmcb $6.4k Authorized user
5yrs 4mos+ (3month use)-$700